Time for a better business card?

How to use your business card in a digital age.

Providing personal warmth in a digital world.

The key to using it effectively is to understand
the reassuring nature of having something tactile we can give
that is tangible and real.

1. Use a design that stands out

Your card's physical appearance adds a great deal of value. Giving extra time to decide on touches such as texture, card stock quality and colour are important and will create a card that speaks to your clients about you and your company.

2. Keep the information to a minimum

The largest element on the card should be your name and logo. After that, think about what other information is vital and only include what is essential. Do you really need a fax number or PO Box number as well as a physical address? A phone number and email are all most people really need, anything else is just cluttering up your design.

A specialist printer such as Glide Print can create a card that allows you to write on the back. A handwritten note can include any extra information you want that person to have and communicates a powerful message of personal service.

A well designed card can easily include a QR code to link your physical and digital marketing tools. Just make sure your site is optimised for mobile first and your branding is consistent across these platforms.

3.Hand them out

Digital connections are fleeting, buried in waves of competing information. A quality business card, however, handed in person along with face-to-face contact and a warm smile makes sure you're leaving a solid impression and they can easily remember your name.

Business cards are bucking
every digital growth trend and remain
an essential marketing tool.


Glide Print can design and print a card that will deliver
that great first impression you seek.

We have a huge range of paper stock, luxury finishes
and clever ways to make your card stand out. 

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