Millennials Flock to Direct Marketing


What's your best guess about the marketing method Millennials are responding to the most? You'd be in the norm if you think it's anything online or email.

But the answer may surprise you: it's custom direct mail.

Millennials spend huge parts of their lives staring at a screen. But it's not following that the advertising they're seeing is appealing to them.

According to a recent study, the average results for UK SME email marketing campaigns across all industries were open rates of 22.87% and click-through rates of 3.26%, meaning that 77% of emails aren't even being opened.

On receiving a piece of direct mail, however, 66% of millennials are responding to itDirect mail has a greater perceived value and drives much higher results than email.

An email is easy to delete. We receive so many that we’ve become used to scanning them and only opening the ones that stand out as worthy of our time to open. Receiving physical mail, however, is something special. We’ll take the time to look at that.

In research that’s surprising many, it’s Millennials who are responding to direct mail the most. And not only are they responding, the percentage who then go on to make a purchase is also very high.

That’s giving you quite the head start in reaching a market who is saturated with digital content and is rapidly becoming immune to its marketing messages.

The most effective way to use direct mail is to integrate it to your online channels, using the direct mail piece to drive traffic to your website.

Canada Post’s Smartmail research has also found this to be true. You can check out their stats here and also watch a short video that explains how direct mail works to prompt your customers to action.

Glide Print are experts on direct mail. We’ve been in this business for a long time and can design an attention-grabbing campaign for you along with professional printing to suit your budget. Every job we do comes with our famous personal service, taking care of all the details so you can relax. We can even arrange the mail-out for you.


Glide Print, taking care of business.


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