We Love a Great Product

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Canadian printer, Somerset, wanted to create a website that captured the sensory experience of paper, showcase the printer's skill and create continuity between their print and online marketing, so they created The Printed Website, an interactive press sheet of 20 different printing techniques that was then translated online through photography and motion.

Somerset’s design agency felt that because the digital experience can’t engage the senses the way print does, only by giving their customers something tangible could they could ignite all their senses and give them a truly interactive experience.

The single sheet includes included foils, perforation, scanamation, embossing, peel-off and tear-back panels, augmented reality, transparency, a scratchable panel, and a variety of paper stock and quality.

These features were then also developed into an online version that could be sent by text straight to a mobile phone.

You can read more about the design process and reasoning from their advertising agency here and watch the one-minute video here to see how well this fabulous idea has worked for them.

Printed by Somerset showcase sheet, Leo Burnett,Canada.jpg