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The fertile imaginations of creative designers keep coming up with new ways to stretch the familiar boundaries of staple marketing products, whose versatility and endless design possibilities have endured through every technological and fashion change.

There are so many wonderful ways to create memorable marketing, perhaps now is the time to retire yours for something new too.

We've compiled some of our favourite examples of creative ideas to inspire you to rethink your own marketing materials.

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The designers behind The Creative Capital of Los Angeles branding campaign, 72andSunny, came up with this fabulously versatile icon to say, “LA gives you space to create”. They designed over 50 ways to use it throughout the city and invited artists to use it as their own, growing their sense of community and identity as an arts city.

Read more about it here.


The pop-up has been around for decades and began in children’s book illustrations. People love to be surprised, which makes it a pleasing and effective way to draw attention to the detail you want and communicate happiness about your product.

This one (above) is for the Altus condo development in the US.


Konami Gaming KP3 wanted to show how they bring games to life so this 3D brochure was ideal for them to promote their interactive games and 3D capabilities. It appears complex but is not as hard to produce as it appears, combining traditional methods of creating a pop-up with clever graphic design.


Lists can be tricky to design without looking dull. The Hirshhorn New York Gala 2017 invitation by AHOY Studios  used a wonderfully simple device to name all the women it was honouring at their event.


We love how Benjamín Jiménez has created the narrative in this brochure that leads the reader along the thought process they want the client to have. Each page highlights a key point and invites you to turn the page to see what’s next.


Motel 6 Corporate used their new branding in powerful ways, repeating it in each environment with a twist that works for each space. The simple design is seen multiple times but the variations mean it doesn’t get glossed over, so it gets noticed.


CallisonRTKL wanted something striking for their 2018 Christmas card so they mixed folding techniques and die cut with a quality finish that shows off their creativity and speaks of quality and professionalism. We can create products like this for you too.


Here’s the simple way the White House’s EPIC Awards used a reveal on their invitation to create a sense of occasion and make the guest feel special.


UNICEF Zero Award used this striking way of storing the campaign’s DVD in the media pack.
Design by Rice Creative in Vietnam.


We love the classy feel in this quality production. It’s a lot like many of our corporate marketing materials. The window page set right into the book renews attention and creates focus on an aspect the client wants to promote as an important feature.
Designed for Waterfront City by Clement Nasr in France.


This clever brochure from the University of the Arts London shows how to effectively use a die cut to clearly highlight each section and give a quick overview of its message.


The National University of Singapore cleverly chose a font and embossed finish that expresses the industrial nature of their department.

Mailing a record directly

Anyone involved in music marketing will tell you that one of their hardest tasks is to get journalists and agency creatives to listen to their demos.

Kontor Records, a record label based in Hamburg, Germany, took matters into their own hands by using the strength of direct mail to ensure musicians’ voices were heard in their Back to Vinyl campaign.

Their objective was to capture agency creative directors’ attention, change their perception to believe all music is worthy of a chance and inspire them to listen to true and honest music by Boris Dlugosch in an engaging and interactive way.

Kontor Records, how they did it.PNG

In their Back to Vinyl campaign, Kontor Records used what all good DJ’s use to grab creative directors’ attention, they used real vinyl. A vinyl record, but how could anyone play it? The answer was to include a record player into the mailing itself, creating The Office Turntable.

Sent to 900 creative agencies, The Office Turntable folded out into a 2D paper turntable inviting the listener to use their smartphone to scan the QR Code embedded in the mailing and access the new music. Once positioning the phone in its dedicated place on the turntable, a virtual needle appeared on the screen and the record played through the phone.

The mailing struck a chord with agency directors, generating an impressive response. In total, 71% of the 900 turntable QR codes were activated. The approach increased targeted listener responses by 64% and 42% of recipients followed the link to the Kontor Online Store for further exploration. In addition, Boris Dlugosch, liked The Office Turntable so much that it was featured in his new video on all music channels off and online.

Direct mail is a powerful marketing channel that has the ability to talk to the right people at the right time. Kontor Records tapped into its strength in a unique and engaging way to allow new demos to be heard. The campaign successfully built hype around new music while capturing creative agency directors’ attention through the innovative combination of analogue and digital technology.

Kontor Records’ decision to utilise direct mail in their Back to Vinyl campaign shows the power of this vital communication channel to create engagement while building brand equity.

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Wayzgoose Holiday, anyone?

An old newspaper notice for a wayzgose holiday.jpg

All good craftsmen deserve a wayz-goose holiday.

Right up until the 1960s, the tradition in the printing industry was
to have an annual day off by closing up shop
and heading to the local inn for a bit of a knees up.

The wayz-goose holiday marked the beginning of the season where
they worked by candlelight.

We'd like to see a wayz-goose revival - as long as doesn't include
the candlelight part.