Beautiful Branding

Consistency across your branding is vital to communicate that your product retains its quality in all its variations.

Achieving that on your entire range of print products is a skill possessed only by the craftsmen of the print industry. It takes decades of experience to know how ink colours will behave on a matte business card, a laminated presentation folder and a standard letterhead paper stock.

This example from Etna Pasticceria in Italy, an entrant in the Good Design Awards, is a beautiful example of how to create seamless branding across your whole range of print marketing products.

Their goal was to capture the flavours and culture of Sicily, to communicate that they are a specialist provider and to position their brand as an essential part of the local scene.


Having created a beautiful design that conveys all they wanted to say, their challenge became how to make sure the colours and quality could be printed on such a wide range of materials: paper, cloth, plastic wrapping, cardboard, signage and ceramics.

Their printer has done an outstanding job.

Note how the quality of the design is faithfully reproduced each time.

This level of expertise is Glide Print’s normal.

It’s a smart move to use the same printer for all your print products so you achieve this kind of consistency.


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