Don't know your raster from your vector?


Getting the specs right on your artwork can be confusing,
so we've created a handy guide to talk you through
the basics of image file formats.

The difference between a vector and a raster file..jpg

Our free guide explains the difference between a raster and a vector file,

lossy and lossless compression, DPI and PPI, CMYK and RGB and gives you
quick tips to help you choose the right formats for your files.

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An endless array of possibilities

Print in a Digital World 2018.jpg

"Brands need to revisit the way they engage with consumers and they need to provide seamless experiences across multiple touchpoints, regardless of channel or device."

Tony Gagliano, CEO, St Joseph Communications


Companies can now merge marketing content and technology in thrilling new ways that the market has never seen before. Make art that involves your customers in a tactile experience, create interactive packaging and signage, combine print and digital in augmented reality.

Let them see, feel and explore your brand's values in fresh, new ways.

Check out the full range of creative ideas for cross-channel, innovative ways to integrate all your marketing media with the sensory appeal of print in St Joseph Communication's inspiring Print in a Digital World 2018.