A handy reference guide of standard paper sizes used in the print industry to help you plan for future print projects. 

A-series paper sizes

A1  594mm X 841mm
A2  420mm X 594mm
A3  297mm X 420mm
A4  210mm X 297mm
A5  148mm X 210mm
A6  105mm X 148mm
A7    74mm X 105mm

Commonly used postcard sizes

DL Postcard  99mm X 210mm
A6 Postcard 105mm X 148mm
100mm X 150mm (approximately 4” x 6”)

Commonly used brochure sizes

6pp DL Brochure 297mm X 210mm, folded to 99mm x 210mm
4pp DL Brochure  210mm X 198mm, folded to 99mm x 210mm
2pp DL Brochure  99mm X 210mm, 3 cut from an A4 sheet

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*See Terms and Conditions for ways to use this free image


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