Direct Mail

Bump up your marketing ROI with a well designed direct mail campaign.

Getting the campaign mix between print and digital media right is a sure way to increase the return on your marketing budget. 

Research consistently points to print as being the channel with the greatest return on investment.

It generates a steady revenue flow, an increase in sales and new customers.

We can supply all your direct mail products, coordinate your campaign and organise your mailout too.


The research shows that direct mail is a consistent winner.

  • Catalogues increase in-store buys by 290% (Journal of Marketing Communications)
  • Magazines deliver outstanding performance. With a return of 130%, magazine advertisements produce the highest ROI of all media channels. (GfK Australia, 2015)
  • With a response rate of 3.7%, direct mail outperforms all digital media channels by a long shot, with all digital channels combined only achieving a 0.62% response rate (Mobile: 0.2%, Email: 0.1%, Social Media: 0.1%, Paid Search: 0.1% and Display Advertising: 0.02%). (DMA Response Rate Report, 2015)
  • While junk emails are often sent straight to the spam folder, 81% of consumers read received direct mail(PAPERbecause, 2015)
  • When magazines and TV were layered together, TV’s ROI improved by 18% and online video and digital display improved by 13%. (Nielson, 2015)
  • Consumers who received direct mail were able to recall 75% of advertisements whilst consumers who viewed the same advertisements in digital formats were only able to recall 44%. (TrueImpact, 2015)
  • Australians continue to rate catalogues as one of the most useful media channels for selection and purchase of products across a wide range of categories with 59% of catalogue readers purchasing a product as a result of seeing it in a catalogue (Roy Morgan Research, 2015).
  • In the powerful consumer market of 25- to 34-year-olds, 67% read printed catalogues on a monthly basis compared to just 13% reading online. (ACA, 2015)
  •  60% of Australians (aged 14+) read a catalogue within the last seven days while 77% of the population have engaged in a printed catalogue in the last month. (ACA, 2015)

We're the print experts. 

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The visual impact of professional quality graphic design is crucial to the success of all your marketing products.

Our designers are fast, creative and professional. We can add to your existing products or create a beautiful design from your ideas.

Glide Print supply all design work from simple tasks like getting your artwork ready for print to creating complex documents such as annual reports and marketing packages. We work closely with our clients to make sure your branding is consistent and the print quality is excellent across all your products.

All of our designers are based in Australia, we don’t outsource our work overseas. You receive personal attention from someone you can talk to and meet. It’s all part of Glide Print’s outstanding service to you.

All our knowledge and skill comes at no extra cost to you so you know
you're getting the best quality for your budget and the process will be an easy one for you.

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