Chocolate Packaging Good Enough to Eat

Harper Macaw chocolates.jpg

When Sarah and Colin Hartman started Harper Macaw they wanted to create more than a delicious chocolate, they wanted to make sure they were also contributing an ethical product to the world.

‘A big part of that was figuring out
the packaging,’ said Sarah.

‘It was always going to be paper.’

They wanted a package that attracts attention but also makes people feel so good when they pick it up it transports them to the rainforest. Paper’s ability to communicate a high-quality product while also being a sustainable material was the big drawcard for them.

They chose a paper stock that reflects quality and added gold foil and bright colours to celebrate their beautifully designed artwork.

You can read more about their products and packaging design here and watch a short video where they explain their rationale here.

Harper Macaw, Our chocolate is a force for rainforest conservation.JPG