Display your message anywhere with a durable and eye-catching decal.

Place your logo or sign where it will be seen - on vehicles, walls, windows or the floor. Decals are easy to order and to use.

Made from durable vinyl, they're simple to remove and won't damage the surface.

We can supply them in any size, shape and quantity you want. Send us your artwork or have one of our professional designers create it for you.

Put your company on display with a striking decal

  • boat signage

  • car windows and doors

  • floor graphics and logo mats

  • interior and exterior walls and windows

  • transparent or solid

  • window lettering and signs


How to attach your decals



1. Clean the area

Prepare the surface you're going to stick the decal to by thoroughly cleaning it. We recommend using rubbing alcohol because it dries quickly; don't use a household cleaner because it will leave a residue and the decal won't stick to that.

2. Position the decal

Place the decal where it will go. Mark the edges of the space where the decal will go with masking tape so you know where to position the decal once you're ready to stick it to the surface.

Slowly peel back the backing paper. If the decal edges lift from the transfer paper, press them back with the edge of a credit card.

3. Stick it down

Hold the decal by the edges. Keep it pulled tight, being careful not to let it fold back on itself.

Place one edge down. Smooth the rest of the decal down.

For larger decals, don't remove all of the backing paper; remove a smaller section and crease it over so you can slowly pull it off as you press the decal onto the surface.

4. Leave it to dry

It will take about half an hour if you leave the decal in the sun to dry, longer if it is indoors or in a cool place.

5. Remove the transfer tape

For a large decal that you may need to move slightly while you're attaching it, put one drop of detergent in a spray bottle and wet the area lightly before attaching the decal. It will take longer to dry so be careful not to touch it until it is.


We're the print experts. 

Whatever type of promotional material you need, we'll get it right for you.


The visual impact of professional quality graphic design is crucial to the success of all your marketing products.

Our designers are fast, creative and professional. We can add to your existing products or create a beautiful design from your ideas.

Glide Print supply all design work from simple tasks like getting your artwork ready for print to creating complex documents such as annual reports and marketing packages. We work closely with our clients to make sure your branding is consistent and the print quality is excellent across all your products.

All of our designers are based in Australia, we don’t outsource our work overseas. You receive personal attention from someone you can talk to and meet. It’s all part of Glide Print’s outstanding service to you.

All our knowledge and skill comes at no extra cost to you so you know
you're getting the best quality for your budget and the process will be an easy one for you.

We're here to help.


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