We love a nice finish

The Beauty of Letterpress.png

Letterpress is one of those wonderful features that is often overlooked, until you come across a beautiful example of it and wonder why you haven't used it yourself.

Using a metal press to imprint the paper, ink is applied to the raised surface and then pressed to the paper. This printing method was invented by the Chinese in the 11th Century - and also invented later in Europe in the 15th Century - and was used as adjustable type, allowing multiple copies to be produced. It remained the primary way of printing until the 19th Century.

Despite radical new printing methods being invented since then that have made movable type obsolete and limited letterpress to its current use as an embossing technique of creating a raised (emboss) or lowered (deboss) image or text, no modern method yet comes close to the tactile appeal of a professionally made letterpress product.

It speaks of the elegance and quality of a handcrafted skill produced by a craftsman. 

It's that’s something special that only paper can give you.

We've been creating letterpress products for decades. 

Just like all of our products, we know how to get it right.

Design by Jennifer James; Letterpress by Rohner Letterpress

Design by Jennifer James; Letterpress by Rohner Letterpress