Snippet, Pathe lithography film.png

A radical advancement in its day, lithography is the art of creating printing blocks from stone. The image or text is drawn onto limestone then burned into it with acid. It was invented in 1796 by a playwright who couldn't afford to have his plays published. This link takes you to a fascinating old Pathé film from the 1940s that shows you how it's done.
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SNIPPETS, featuring Nate Harris's skateboard design.png

Nate Harris has used his woodworking, printmaking and illustration skills to create a unique skateboard design. He cut up old skateboards to make wood blocks then used them in a traditional woodcut relief method to print the design on a limited release of 50 skateboards. It's one of the ways he's working to preserve and update old craftsman's techniques.
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The Sydney Foreshore signage.png

The University of Technology in Sydney came up with the fabulously creative concept of joining the foreshore to its many visible and hidden stories by linking them all with a line of unique branded icons that walk you through the area's rich history. 
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