Send some love, post a Kit Kat

Japanese KitKat.PNG

Packaging plays an important role in capturing consumers’ attention and launching them into action.

Through innovative packaging, Kit Kat Japan turned what was once just another chocolate bar into something synonymous with good luck.

As one of the most densely populated countries in the world and with an aggressive retail market, getting shelf space in Japan isn’t an issue – it’s keeping it. Kit Kat is pronounced ‘Kitto Katsu’ which translates into ‘surely win’. The company is always thinking of new and innovative ways to use this particular Japanese translation to keep consumers excited in the product.

Every spring, the Japanese send good luck messages to students prior to taking their school entrance exams. Kit Kat Japan wanted to spread the love through their chocolate bar so they inspired the country to send Kit Kat bars to students to say, “Kitto Katsu, you’ll surely win on your exams”.

Japan has over 20,000 post offices across the country so this was best way to reach as many people as possible. From this, the partnership between the Government, Japan post and Kit Kat introduced Kit Kat Mail – a Kit Kat consumers could buy at the post office and write a personalised, heartfelt message to send to family and friends. Post offices around the country were covered in Kit Kat branding and point of sale to promote the innovative and thoughtful campaign.

The campaign results were an unprecedented success and proved the Japanese enjoy spreading the love between fellow friends, family and colleagues.

In total, the campaign generated over $11,000,000 worth of free publicity for the brand. The act of sending one short and sweet message was all it took to spark conversation about the confectionery brand and boost both their sales and their presence in the marketplace.

Japanese KitKat packaging.PNG